Parade Lineup

Front Lot at Six Pence/Courthouse Village Shopping Center

(Rt.6 side of lot)

Staring Lineup

Goochland Day Banner carried by Makenzie Jones and Brooklyn Green
Sheriff Steven Creasey
GCSO Honor Guard
Fire Chief Eddie Ferguson Car 1
Deputy Chief Car 3
The Goochland High School Marching Bulldog Band and Color Guard
H&H Heating and Cooling (truck & trailer)
Company 1 Truck 601
*** park out on Rt.6 west bound
Clean Again truck and Golf Cart
Miss Goochland (Additional Parrish Ford Truck)
Virginia 529 Tuition Monster
Goochland High School Senior Class of 2022
Felicia Funn 1972 Volks Wagon Beetle
Company 2 Hazmat 602
*** park out on Rt.6 west bound
ACCA Shriner’s Provost Guard Banner Marching (5 members)
ACCA Manchester Shrine Club (trike unit)
Shriner’s Hospital Van
Trail Life
Parrish Ford
Rock Castle Insurance Group 

Front lot of Six Pence/Courthouse Village Shopping Center

(Store front side of parking lot) 

In the Middle

 C.A.Sherry GHS Cheerleaders (truck & trailer)
Tuckahoe Pines Retirement Community
Six Pence Home Decor
Dutchman Innovations (Van & 14’ trailer)
Scout Troop 710 (truck & trailer)
Scout Troop 710 marchers
ACCA Shriner’s Diavan 2 walking
ACCA Shriner’s Klowns 5 people marching
ACCA Shrine 1914 Pannel Truck (4 people)
Company 3 Engine 631
*** park out on Rt.6 west bound
ACCA Shriner’s Mini Patrol Race Cars
Company 4 Brush 649 and Boat 4
*** park out on Rt.6 west bound
Shear Wildness Salon & Spa
River Road Cottage (at River Road Cottage) 

Side Parking Lot (by Bella’s)

In the Middle

 Goochland Youth Athletic Association Football (truck & trailer)
GHS Robotics Team (truck & trailer)
The Gospel Music Workshop of America Goochland Virginia & Vicinity Chapter
Goochland Christmas Mother
Paul Baker’s 1916 Model T Ford
GFWC Goochland Women’s Club
Goochland Golf Carts 

Back Parking Lot

End Lineup 

Company 5 Attack 605
*** park out on Rt.6 west bound
ACCA Shriner’s Motor Patrol
Skate 522
John Pritchett show car
Goochland Cares (bus & grocery carts)
The ACCA Shrine Oriental Band
American Legion Auxiliary (truck & trailer and motorcycles)
Diva’s of Destruction
The Wright Hustle 2020 Dodge Charger SRT
The Wright Hustle 1987 Grand Prix
The Wright Hustle
Goochland Rotary Club
Parrish Ford Used Car Lot
Company 5 Tanker 656
*** park out on Rt.6 west bound
Company 5 Ambulance 650
*** park out on Rt.6 west bound
GHS Future Farmer’s of America
The ACCA Shrine Million Dollar Band
Central Virginia Large Animal Rescue
4H Horses and Trailer
Food Lion
Shaggy Chic Pet Salon
Junk Luggers
Andrew Parrish Wrecker Service (3 Wreckers)
Goochland County Public Schools
Company 6 Rescue 667 

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